Electric Hot Food Table...
  • Table body and top are constructed of highly polished 22 gauge 430 series stain less steel.
  • Top features die stamped beaded openings measuring 123/32"x203/32"(307x510mm).
  • A poly cutting board, 8"(203mm) wide and 1/2"(13mm) thick, is mounted on stainless steel brackets located on control side of unit.
  • Legs offered in galvanized or stainless steel.
  • All models are 301/2"(774mm) wide and 34"(863mm) high.
  • Individual infinite controls offer high and low selections along with eight other temperature settings.
  • Indicator light remains on continuously while control is in "ON" position.
Heat Compartments
  • Each heat compartment is 8" (203mm) deep and lined with 22 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Each compartment is insulated on all four sides and bottom with 1"(25mm) thick fiberglass or equal.
  • Each compartment is fitted with a 500 or 750 watt tubular element above the insulated bottom. 500-watt element is standard on all units wired for 110-120 volts; 750 watt element is standard for unirs wired for 220-240 volts.
  • A six-foot(1829mm) cord with plug will extend from the bottom of the right hand control side as standard equipment.
  • 120-volt models are single phase. 240-volt models available in single or three phase.
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